Guaranty Association Coverage

NOTE: The following information about guaranty association coverage is based on the guaranty association statutes currently in effect and applicable to policyholders of Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company ("PTNA") and American Network Insurance Company ("ANIC"). The following information does not apply to policyholders of American Independent Network Insurance Company of New York ("AINIC of NY").

Coverage for policyholders

The life and health insurance guaranty associations in the states where Penn Treaty and American Network were licensed to do business assumed responsibility for covering eligible policy claims. The policies are subject to guaranty association statutory limits, terms and conditions of coverage.

The determination of which guaranty association will provide coverage and the amount of coverage provided will depend on several factors including your state of residency, where the insurance company was licensed, and whether any statutory coverage exclusions or limitations apply. The guaranty association of Pennsylvania, as PTNA's and ANIC's domiciliary state, may provide coverage in accordance with the Pennsylvania statutory limits in the event that the guaranty association of the state where you reside does not provide coverage.

To be eligible for guaranty association coverage, it is very important that you continue paying your policy premiums in full and on time. Failure to pay applicable premiums on time may cause your policy to terminate and you to lose guaranty association coverage protection.

Coverage limits

A general chart of the coverage limits for each state guaranty association is available here. Please note that this chart does not depict the specific states where PTNA and/or ANIC were licensed, and licensure is a factor in determining which guaranty association will provide coverage. If you have questions regarding your state guaranty association, contact information for each guaranty association is included on the chart. For questions about your policy or claims, please contact Policyholder Services at 1-800-362-0700.

National Organization of Life and Health Guaranty Associations (NOLHGA)

To learn more about guaranty associations, please visit the website of the National Organization of Life and Health Guaranty Associations.