A Message to Agents


The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ordered Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company and American Network Insurance Company into liquidation effective March 1, 2017.  Go to the Liquidation section of the website to learn more.

If you were a licensed insurance agent who sold insurance policies issued by Penn Treaty or American Network and you had a direct contract with Penn Treaty or American Network, please be advised that the payment of commissions ceased effective March 1, 2017.    

If you believe you may have a claim against Penn Treaty or American Network, it is important that you submit a Proof of Claim form on or before August 31, 2017.  The Proof of Claim forms and instructions are available in the Liquidation Section of this website.

Agent Resource Center

To see information pertaining to your clients’ policies, please visit the Agent Resource Center website.

To request a user ID and password, call 1-800-362-0700.